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Cinema, the medium that is loved by one and all. A great entertaining film can easily light up your mundane day, right?
But, sometimes, there are films that are so bad that they are good and cater to our guilty pleasures.
So, here we explain the plot of most Fuck-All movies that serve you some guilty pleasure, ENJOY!
1). Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
Yea, the mushy romance that seemed to have given an array of romance goals to aashiqs around the world is an extremely shoddy film. The film was so discriminative and covered its misogyny under the cloak of LAAAAAV.
2). MELA
The stale version of Sholay released in 2000 and gave us characters that were way too eccentric and foolish to say the least. Twinkle Khanna’s “Roopa, uth Roopa” still haunts me at night. The film also comes with a quirky song and the lyrics go like “Deko 2000 zamana aagaya, jeena ka naya bahana agaya, bachke rehna deewana hun main, aun aun”, like what in the world were you guys smoking?
3). Ham Saath Saath Hain
This movie or should I just say a show reel of occasions was released in 1999 and is now considered a go-to movie for family gatherings. This movie tested my patience, I mean it has so many songs placed abruptly that you cannot help but scratch your hair. A freaking 13 minute song is also there. *intense music plays*
4). Kambakht Isshq
This film had great hype around it when it was about to release, the music was chartbuster and the lead pair was a hot talk but eventually, the film came out to be a huge disappointment. The story still makes us wonder the existence of logic.
5). Tarzan: The Wonder Car
So, this movie is irreplaceable, we all know that it was shitty but it has certainly filled our childhood with memories to cherish. It is the prime example of our cheap thrills.
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