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The monsoon season has set off, the rains are making us find every excuse to just snuggle up with our soulmate with a cup of coffee in hand.
So, we just thought to amplify your monsoonic romance, because hey we do care for you!
Here is a list of 5 romantic movies that'd make your monsoons much more adorable :-
1). Tamasha
A good partner can help you fight your inner demons and emerge victorious, this movie actually shows that on celluloid. A rather confused Ved is rattled between his life's choices and corporate world, then its Tara who makes him realize what he really wants. There are moments in the film that are extremely heart wrenching especially the scene that comes before the song "Tum Sath Ho". Keep your tissues handy.
2). Dum Laga Ke Haisha
The film put forward the point that love can come in any shape, size and colour. A charismatic Prem Tiwari gets married to an overweight Sandhya and starts feeling embarrassed about her wife. A series of events put the duo together in a situation where they discover love in the most unusual way possible.
3). Barfi
A deaf and mute boy meets an autistic girl and they set off for an undefined adventure to eventually fall in love with each other. The film made the audience fell in love with the idea of LOVE.
4). Rockstar
This utterly emotional film helmed by Imtiaz Ali was one hell of an intense ride. The film traced the journey of aspiring musician Jordan who is struggling to get through life for his love has been lost. The film touches upon the themes of obsession, separation and everything in between.
5). October
It is a film that presents love like never before. The film was reminiscent of all the love poems that we have been reading since childhood. The melancholic tale lets us escape the mundane world for a while and just immerse in the world of love. The film subtly hints at the suffering that is caused if a loved one is lost. I recall feeling quite empty within myself post watching this movie. Watch it for all kinds of feels and some remarkable performances by Varun Dhawan and Geetanjali Rao.
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