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Life is full of funny moments, you just need to find humour in everything and you will see how colourful the world around you is. Similarly, many of the times, we get caught red-handed but our ego and our prided fights stop us from confessing our mistake. Instead, you take the other path and give excuses. These are not just excuses but in such situations your brain stop working, so you give lamest excuses possible.
1. When you see someone while they were going to pick their nose
The man notices that you are looking at him and immediately take his fingers in a different direction. Their finger instantly turns the direction towards ears or start to tickle their face and starts blabbering with you, even when you are a stranger.
2. When your mom finds out about your boyfriend, kissing
No no no, not that, your brain really stops in such a deadly situation, I can only imagine! The angriest eyes of your mom, starring at you like hell! And maybe bombarding the hell out of you, this is sure not the time to lie anymore.
The epic flying chappal arrives!
3. When your father gets caught smoking by your mom
These are the priceless moments of life when you just sit as an audience and enjoy the show of mom scolding dad and dad looking at you desperately to cover but you don’t ditch him badly!
Dad is not immune from the flying chappal too!
4. When you are sleeping from noon till evening and your mom is the one to find out...
You can never play it too safe! This answer will never land you in a good situation dude.
Boy! Now you have to expect 2-3 flying chappal.
5. When you break one plate out of your mom’s favourite crockery set
I feel for you son, I’ve got 99 problems but this is the most insane one!!!
Sorry, but you too get flying chappal when you break your mom’s favourite crockery!
Graphic Designer: Vikas Kakkar
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