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We are a world that pays too much attention to our hair. We don't like going out until our hair looks perfect and we would do anything to avoid a bad hair day. While some of us are ready to spend all of our money in hair products to make our hair look shiny and perfect there are some that claims that ditching shampoo is the best thing you could do to your hair.
One such person who believes that ditching shampoo can be the best thing you can do for your hair is 27 year old Virginia Tapp from New South Wales. The mother of two Virginia who blogs at Bush Bambinos ditched shampoo, conditioner, haircuts and artificial hair dyes for eight months and is not turning her way back since then.
She stopped using all these hair products because she wanted to shift towards a more healthy environment-friendly and less wasteful lifestyle. While talking to a leading daily she talked about her journey.
'In a nutshell, I started doing this because I wanted to use less stuff on my body and send less stuff down the drain,' Virginia explained.'Isn't it just a little bit strange that we have to use three different types of soap when we wash?'.
'To be honest, I haven't even missed it - one less thing to do in my day,' Virginia added.
After six months she noticed a certain oiliness at the roots of her hair but instead of reaching out for some shampoo she took help of a home recipe. 'I scrubbed my scalp with one tablespoon of bicarb soda dissolved in a cup of warm water,' she said. This helped to get rid of the oil and hence she followed it up with a banana and raw egg hair mask.
Since then she has not used any foreign product on her hair and her hair are getting better every day. 'If anything, I actually get less knots now. My hair is neither oily or dry. It doesn't smell like Palmolive, but it doesn't smell like sour milk either. It just smells like hair,' she said.
To other people, she suggested that even if you want to use some shampoo on your hair opt for a less soapy one. This 'no poo' movement has caught a lot of fire on social media and a lot of celebs are liking it.
You should also think about getting rid of your shampoo for some days and then see the results yourself.
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