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From the time Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s relation caught the public eye, people went berserk. Now, when the couple reached India, fans couldn’t hold out their emotions and they are looking for every bit of news. Now, what we were expecting is finally seeing the light of the day maybe and very soon we might see this beautiful couple getting married.
The buzz is around that Nick and Priyanka getting closer and closer and recently the internet have been the witness to many photos, PDA between the two stars and much more to make sure that they are dating. The pictures of this cute couple in India were doing the rounds but something caugt our eyes and that is quite a valid mark of engagement.
The pictures you see here, take a closer look and you would see engagements rings. What’s cooking guys?
Earlier, the news were doing the rounds that Priyanka is planning to get engaged by July-end or August to Nick this year. Now, things have taken quite a turn and not complaining but it quite looks like they have got engaged. They are wearing the same ring and that too an engagement ring.
Well, not sure if the couple have really got engaged or not but the rings do give us a positive answer. Wellin the meantime, till the actress gives us any official closure, we will wait. Now the couple have taken off to Goa for a vacation and hopefully they will make give an official statement on this.
Oh classy!
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