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This one is for all insta addicts out there! We know your bond with your Instagram feed is very strong. By now you would have found out all the interesting people you should be following. And we are very sure that your Instagram feed looks very dope with the unlimited interesting pictures from the interesting people you have been following. We all have some favourite bloggers or celebrities that we are following. Their interesting travel stories or the delicious food they eat makes us jealous but also feel good at some level.
But then there are the extra talented bunch of people that have some supreme creative powers and who rule the Instagram game. Their creative and colourful Instagram feed make their Instagram accounts unconventional and also inspires us.
Instagram helps us to see exactly what we want to see and to get inspired by the creativity of other folks around us. We use Instagram to capture and see what makes us happy, what brings colours to our life and what we are passionate about.
So here are some artistic Instagram accounts that you should follow RN.

Sarah Modak
Sarah Modak is an artist from Mumbai and her Instagram account will give you some insight about her incredible art.

Rakhee Yadav
Rakhee will make you feel hungry all the time and trust me you will always want to have what she is having.

Jayesh Joshi
An artist from Bangalore, whose work is equally stunning and it will make you his biggest fan. While you are at it, go check out his Tumblr as well.

Asfa Sabrin
An exceptional artist who creates magic with her art. An Assam based artist who has an amazing talent for capturing human emotions beautifully.

Parul Dang
She will make all your creative juices flowing. If you don’t follow her already, go and follow her now – I insist.

Prerna Singh
Prerna will make you take your lunch box seriously. She will give you crazy ideas on how to make your boring lunch box a lot more fun.

Sarah Naqvi
Sarah’s art is entrancing with unabashed edges and feminist undertones. She is a badass with pen and paper.

Avinash Jai Singh
His work his very thought-provoking and colourful. If you want to see some remarkable abstract art in your feed every day, you should follow him.

Arushi Kathuria
Her work is conceptual with a badass edge. These abstract art pieces with an influence of some pop culture will surely make you smile.
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