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Today, Instagram has become a sort of raging phenomenon. People want to get the eyes of the world gawking at their pictures. They tend to build up an attractive account through glam pics, chirpy videos and quirky bio(S).
Many of our Indian politicians have also been bugged by the Instagram’ic virus but their bio seemed very pretentious to us, so, we donned our thinking caps to think of something more honest or say brutal which can be/should be written as their bio.
1). Narendra Modi
And, we open the list with this maverick who is a full-time traveller and part-time PM of a country called India.
2). Arvind Kejriwal
The man who just hates electrical appliances from "LG" brand.
3). Rahul Gandhi
A perfect example of why parents SHOULD NOT force children to do a job that they are not willing to do.
4). Sushma Swaraj
Root for the Boss Lady!
I wrote the name and went to find the dictionary.
6).Yogi Adityanath
The man who gets intoxicated on Gau-Mutra.
7).Mehbooba Mufti
Chann se jo tootey koi Sapna is her favourite song as of now.
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