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Bira 91 was founded by Ankur Jain in 2015. Jain returned to India in 2007 after running a healthcare startup in New York. In the initial stage, he started off by importing a few beers to understand the sector better as he had no prior experience in the liquor business. B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd is the company behind Bira 91.
The monkey logoed beverage is currently the highest selling premium beer in many urban city bars. Now, it been announced as the 'Brewery of the Month' in UN and and Bira 91 IPA as the 'Beer of the Month'.
This marks the second time the brand is being featured at the members-only North Delegates Lounge, said a statement.
Bira 91's IPA is the first bottled IPA out of India. It will be featured throughout the month of June to delegates, ambassadors and other special guests visiting the private lounge of the UN' global headquarters.
Also, a fun fact the number "91" in Bira 91 stands for India’s country code.
Compared to the other big beer brands of India like Kingfisher, Haywards and Godfather, Bira has separated them finely in their branding. This new brand with a logo of Monkey has marketed themselves in such a way where within four months of its launch, Bira 91 was selling 50,000 cases in Delhi.
The lounge visitors love mostly prefer Bira cans as they look super cool in their hands and also enhances their stature in photos or selfies in the social media.
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