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Bollywood has tricked us for years into stereotypes; we are made to believe that a hero needs to be muscular and agile, a heroine needs to be soft and pretty and so on. These stereotypes are still being sold in the market and people clearly do not have any problem with this.
However, as a ray of hope, many filmmakers came forward and presented characters that were unconventional and presented a real human being on screen, let us have a look at some of the best unconventional characters in hindi films :-
1). Titli
The film was really dark and twisted. It depicted a man’s (Titli) journey to acquire freedom from the trap of his notorious family business, the character of Titli was the highlight of the film. Shashank Arora played it with full conviction and certainly made us feel for him.
2). Chanda
Dev D was a pioneer film in the contemporary cinema. The editing, cinematography and storytelling were so out of the box that it created a stir in our hearts. Chanda’s character in the film was of a bold girl turned prostitute who doesn’t give a damn to what society thinks of her and her past, however, when alone, her human side gets unravelled and she lets her emotional aspect go on a rampage. Kalki played this role with utter perfection.
3). Ved Sahni
Probably one of the most complex characters ever written in Hindi film industry. A man who ditches his real self to participate in the rat race, is now rattled between his expectations with life and society’s rules. Ranbir Kapoor pumped life into the character of Ved Sahni.
4). Neeru
When the most beautiful woman of the world ditches the glam avatar that she had been playing till now and dons a depressing avatar, it is one rare sight to see. Aishwarya Rai went guns out to portray a lonely melancholic woman Neeru and was she convincing? Well, the trophy of Best Actress can certainly vouch for it.
5). Saajan Fernandez
This one is my favourite on the list for the character of Saajan is way too close to an everyday man. A man who is living a routine life, a man who is waiting there for the life to get over and a man who is pretending to be happy but the chaos of worries don’t let him take a sigh of relief. The character was already very compelling, Irrfan upped its level by inculcating his antics and nuances.
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