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There are movies and then there is phenomenon, GOW was undoubtedly the latter one. Gangs Of Wasseypur was one epic piece of work that left an everlasting impression in our hearts. The taut storytelling and grey characters made us root for this one hell of a joyride.
The impeccable characters of the film are the reason that the movie is in the cult status now. Every character had a specific identity and gesture that made them so engaging.
So, we have listed some qualities of the characters; go identify your spirit animal from GOW :-
1). Faizal Khan
The man who took Dada ka, Baap ka, Bhai ka badla.
2). Sardar Khan
The man who wanted to thrash ass but 'Kehke'.
3). Ramadhir Singh
The man whose 'Santaan' is 'Nalayak'.
4). Perndicular
The guy who says, "Faijal Khan hamale Bale Bhaiyya hain" .
5). Mohsina
The girl who hates being touched without prior permission.
6). Nasir/Chacha
The guy who narrated every bit.
7). Definite
The guy with a weird hairstyle.
8). Nagma Khatoon
The woman whose husband is a Dog.
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