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With the rain washing off the clenching Delhi heat, here comes refreshing news that will probably make your day a little more empowered day. On Saturday, the JD Institute of Fashion organised its annual Fashion Awards at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and it was swagger all over the place.
If you ask why the event was so special? It was because, for a change, we see a fashion show where the showstopper was a transgender personality. Rudrani Chettri, the transgender activist and model walked the ramp with her team and it was such a breath of fresh air. The team walked off not just to make a change per say but they were professionals who nailed the show.
To talk about Rudrani Chettri, she is a transgender activist who leads the Mitr Trust in Delhi which is the first ever Indian transgender modelling agency called Bold in 2015. Chettri’s team wore the most extravagant clothes and carried the outfit on the ramp with complete oomph factor.
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In an interview she reveals how hard it is to break in the fashion scene for transgender model. In anyway, it is hard for transgenders to even live, let alone the fact that they are trying to make a career. She states “For some reason, it is understood that people like me cannot participate in any so- called ‘normal’ activity”.
Rudrani shared an incident that deeply stirred her life: “This one time, I wasn’t allowed entry to a mall. When I asked the man who stopped me on what basis is he doing so, he replied, 'Aap jaison ke liye yahan kuch nahi hai. (There is nothing available here for people like you)'."
Yet, here she is trying the hardest to make the LGBT community to make a career like everyone else and more importantly let the community be normal like all other people in the world.
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