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Pradeep Kumar Sen is a 30 year old brave heart from Indore, Madhya Pradesh who lost a leg after falling off a train in 2013. But this incident didn’t shake his spirits down. Since November he has been cycling for a good cause which is to spread awareness regarding environment protection, road safety and organ donation.

Sen a man of high spirits reached Odisha on his cycle on Sunday after covering 8,300Km and eight states including Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Chhattisgarh.

And on Wednesday he broke all records after reaching Delhi. He rode 10,380Km from Madhya Pradesh to Delhi. Pradeep is giving all that he has got for this mission and has been on his journey from 8 months and 15 days. Pradeep has covered 15 states in this journey and now is going back home.

Pradeep’s life took a new turn after his accident. The accident that took his leg and gave him an artificial plastic leg in return. But Pradeep is not a man who gets scared off easily. He has been carrying 30Kg of luggage on his shoulder and has got everything that he might need to face the challenges that came in his way during this difficult journey.
Pradeep has set a target of covering 15000Km in his bike. He has already donated his eyes and plans to donate his other organs too. He wants to help as many people as he can.
"I undertook the mission to prove that disability is not an impediment. I received encouragement from my father, a real estate broker, and family other members”, said Pradeep while talking to a leading daily.

He is a brave heart working on a noble mission and we all should be proud and take some inspiration from him.
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