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If you have come across the famous quote by Heraclitus: “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”, these catchphrases have definitely, surpassed the quote. These are some of the catchphrases which have made our childhood full of fun. Besides, talking normally is so boring, we all need some color and definitely some humour in our language and that’s what catchphrases does.
Let me break it down what cool is, “Cool” is something which is new or unique and that is the reason we find it cool. These catchphrases are neither new nor unique but they are so universal that we can use it in between stories and that will automatically become cool.
Here are the catchphrases of 90’s that are still trending high on our lives:
1. “Crazy”
Ok, yeah you might think “Crazy” is cool to use in various times and various situations but do you know, its inception as a catchphrase is the 90’s and it is still relevant in 2018.
2. “Take A Chill Pill”
Remember we were using it when we got exposed to the movie “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham” but even after 17 years and don’t feel no shame doing that.
3. “You Go, Girl/Boy!”
More often than not we use “You Go, Girl!” for promoting our girl love and inspire our sisterhood but this was used back then as well. The phrase took quite a lot of time to establish itself and so is Women empowerment taking.
4. "Booyah!"
Fun fact! This phrase is still relevant but over the coarse of time, its usage in a sentence have become different. “Booyah” is now used ironically, if you can use it unironically then that’s a gift I don’t have. Bravo!
5. "My Bad"
If I have failed to make you understand what I am trying to explain, that’s “My Bad!” Gotcha!
6. "Gotcha"
Another one! No, I am not trying to be DJ Khaled, but this is another phrase we use almost daily which really means “Got you” but more in a fun or corny way.
7. "Talk to the hand"
This phrase got rehashed in a very recent Big Boss season where a contestant was constantly using the term "Talk to the hand" but in general, we all use it frequently.
8. “How You Doin'?”
Oh, the ending always has to be all nice and good when you came to rejoice your childhood and therefore, giving you the iconic Joey phrase “How You Doing?”
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