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When you have to work straight upto 8-9 hours in an office, it’s not easy. You need relaxation, you are not a robot!
Therefore, there are smoking zones, empty spaces, stairs and balconies to comfort you. These hangout spaces are where we go to sip in our chai, to smoke, to talk to our girlfriend/boyfriend/wife husband but most importantly to take a break.
There are end number of commitments, stress, meetings and deadlines to follow but you also have to maintain your work quality in between all of that and you can only achieve that when your mind is at peace. Amongst all the chaos in office, it is rather difficult to keep your cool at the office and that is where these grungy places become our soul places.
Why call it grungy?
Well, not exactly grungy because these are not dirty places but you can see the dirt afar, sometimes even close.
These are the places which do not have enough space to fill more than 5 people but you somehow manage 20 people in the place and still find some relaxation because it cuts the monotony.
Working constantly on one thing is not only monotonous but it can ruffle up your mind and your work too. Constantly doing the same thing decreases your quality and quantity of work you do, it basically decreases your work efficiency.
These grungy places have become such a soul parts of our lives that at some point of time, it will become nostalgia and we will brag about in lengths about these corners where we used to smoke and gossip or contrary to that catch some fresh air getting out of the AC.
Even if you go to the corners alone sitting with your chai or coffee or cigarette, you will still find a good breeze with the corporate buildings to look at and make your own art out of it.
We can find art in the chipped walls as well!
PS: Dear grungy spaces, don’t take the word negatively, we love you and we thank the managers to find a space where we can relax and hangout for a while.
Picture Courtesy: Varun Singh and Yours truly!
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