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Pizza is life! Don’t you agree friends? If someone would say Hello farands pizza kha lo, I would run towards them with all my heart no matter how annoying the line would sound because pizza is life. Just the word Pizza is enough to tickle all my senses and to make me drool and I know there many like me in this world. Many like me who are ready to even marry pizza if that means they can have it all their life.

Cheers to all of you who are absolutely obsessed with pizza.
Here are some things that every pizza addict will relate to.

1. Weekends to you means Pizza and Netflix.
All your weekend plans include pizza. You just can’t imagine your weekends without a pizza.

2. You never think of going on a diet because Pizza
Your relationship with pizza is eternal and hence the thought of going on a diet never crosses your mind.

3. Pineapple and Pizza is not a thing
Every pizza lover knows that adding pineapple to pizza is just insulting.

4. You know all the places that serve pizza
You remember the name and contact information of every pizza place on the tips of your finger.

5. Every party means Pizza
You through parties or go to parties or celebrate stupid things just for Pizza.

6. Pizza can change your mood
Pizza can make your dull day brighter in just one slice.

7. You always save pizza
So you can get up and eat it in the morning.

8. Noone matter when pizza is there
You can’t focus on anything and anyone when pizza is around.

9. Where ever you go, you find pizza
No matter where you go for holidays, finding pizza places is the plan.

10. You can’t see someone wasting pizza
Because that is a sin.

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