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We all how one animal video can lit up our mood and therefore, whenever we feel a bit low, we either look for kids or animal videos.
When you hear about dolphin and whale, these two gives are completely different feelings. When you hear ‘Dolphin’, you instantly feel like ‘awww, they are so cute and adorable’ and the time you hear ‘Whale’ you imagine this giant mammal always after your life.
To put it on a bit of perspective, they both live in water and apart from the survival instincts they have, all live peacefully under-water. Maybe!
Also, another interesting fact about dolphin is that they are known as copy-cats and mimicry has been confirmed during the many shows they perform in. Right after hearing an odd sound, they are quick to try and copy the sound they have heard. Also, being a bit more biased towards dolphins, yes, they are supremely adorable. Just, look at that face!
Though both these are mammals that live underwater there are some differences you might not know about them. These two animals are physiologically different where whales are a lot larger in their size than dolphins and because of that, they are much more comfortable in a wider range of water temperatures.
Dolphins have become more popular than the whales because they have, over the time, become quite friendly with human, whereas, you know how whales react when they see any human.
Lately many believed that dolphins are more intelligent but in a recent study, it is found that rather both dolphin and whales are equally intelligent.
Listen to the peaceful sounds of whale and dolphins now:
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