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Over decades and decades, we are living our lives through Bollywood songs. We celebrate songs, stars and even composers but very few takes a notice towards the words these songs are synchronised on. Here, we will recommend you some of the whackiest lyrics to crack you up.
These are the underrated Bollywood songs with funkiest lyrics:
1. Shake your bootiya – Finding Fanny
The video and composition does complete justice to the lyrics. If you are bored or sad, this will lit up your mood for sure.
2. Kaala re – Gangs of Wasseypur
The song might sound very whacky but when you listen to the lyrics carefully, you will understand the undertones of the song. It shows the reality as Anurag’s movies do.
3. Ullu ka patha – Jagga Jaasoos
The movie has flopped very badly but it should have been more popular because it is a sweet thriller film which gives you that Tintin feels.
4. Mehangai Dayan – Peepli Live
Again, it is satirical and the more you hear the lyrics, the more you understand the song.
5. Bharat Mata ki – Shanghai
I will never stop giggling when this line comes up in the song. Dibakar Banerjee has always liked going satirical and here he goes again making a statement.
6. What to do not to do - Aiyyaa
This is the funniest and the creepiest song you will hear! This is a gem for any party, yes it is a bit too much but that also serves the purpose of the scene in the movie. This can be your guiltfree shameless song to your partner.
Graphic Designer: Vikas Kakkar
Thanks Akshita for the recommendations and Happy Weekend guys!!
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