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Varanasi is not a secluded place that you don’t know about but there is a kind of fantasy about the place which makes the location a curious place. Varanasi AKA Banaras or Benaras is not just a place in India, it is a sheer feeling which many of us know about.
All this while that you have seen the beautiful ghats of Varanasi, now it’s time to meet the citizens of this holy place. The city not only welcomes religious people but many atheist and spiritual people visit the place in order to search for soul serenity. Tranquillity and mischief both are the jewels of Benaras and these portraits give a glimpse of their soul.
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Chandrajit Sen, a photographer from North Bengal have managed to capture these raw and heart-warming moments of their lives, you need to see it to believe it:
#1 Eyes can speak endlessly
The picture really stands out with the boy’s expression, it is hard to make out what is going on in his mind and that makes the photo so curious to look at!
#2 The little moments of life
These are the little joys of life where you see an aged person trying to enjoy the traditional medium of enjoyment and yet be so content in life!
#3 Wisdom comes from experience
For many age just passes by and for many who learn more than what their age is. Wisdom is part of the experience and things that we look at and learn from it.
#4 Snake Charmer – The Heritage Business
It is hard not to notice the ease of the person, sitting next to a snake. Indeed, it is their heritage business and doing it with professionalism.
#5 When rituals are part of life yet the outlook changes
The progressive portrayal of a Varanasi man who certainly believes in ritual and is doing his business with full conviction but the outlook is a bit modernised yellow bag catches the eye quickly.
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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