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Photography is no more a hobby that you can brag about if you are not really really great at it or have something unique to offer. Just doing photography for the sake of it will never help you, infact, try to find the right angles which please the audience’s eyes or something where the photography is filled with symbolism. In order to shine or stand out in the crowd, you can really use interesting angles.
Here are some examples where right angles made the photos an extraordinary one:
#1 Feels like he wants chocolate from me
If a dog or anyone look at me like that, I’ll write all my property on his/her name without even thinking about the consequences.
#2 Fire inside water
Once there was genie in the bottle, now we have sun in a glass. Not to mention the contrast in the photo where the fire is put inside the water (it’s the perspective).
#3 Where’s the body?
Illusion can be a great companion if you want to make one tickle their funny bones.
#4 Lets’ jump from the basket!
Illusion is a great companion and when you master the art, you will be a genius.
#5 Oh hello pigeons!
High-end camera and DSLRs are the not the only answer to good photography, look what a little perceptive can do!
#6 The sinking building
Some of the photographers are gifted and lucky to have managed and captured these amazing pictures.
#7 The Crane who is supposedly leaving a visible fart!
Sometimes a right angle and the right time can bring forward to you a picture that you, yourself will be shocked to see.
Have a happy weekend y'll!!
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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