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Rishi Kapoor is known to keep his voice loud enough so that everyone hears it out. He is not scared to call a spade a spade. His tweets are very famous and we enjoy them as well. But this time when we went through Rishi Kapoor's timeline, we found some golden tweets.

They were so good that we had to share them with you.

Just a few days back Rishi Kapoor tweeted a picture of Ranbir with his best friend Ayaan Mukherji at the Ambani-Mehta engagement party and asked them publicly to get married.

When it comes to entertainment there is no one like Rishi Kapoor. People are just crazy about his twitter account. His fans wait for him to tweet something and they know it is always going to be funny. Well, more recently Rishi Kapoor addressed Ranbir again in a tweet.

This time he was appreciating his son for the good work and telling him to keep up the good work. But Rishi Ji being Rishi Ji couldn't say it without adding a bit of humor.

Looks like, not just the audience but Ranbir won Rishi Kapoor's heart as well with his splendid acting in Sanju. Ranbir is a true entertainer and without any doubt, he is got his skills from the most entertaining of all - Rishi Kapoor.

Well even though it is very difficult to woo Rishi Kapoor but 'Sanju' won his heart.

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