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Google translation is a strange space where more than finding the translations, you will get lost in translations. Anyone who is trying to translate or understand an unknown language, Google translation is not a credible source. Though, if you are trying to have fun, this feature is a masterpiece for that case. Here is how we had a little bit of fun and now, trying to transfer the fun to you…
Here are the Bollywood celebrity names after using Google translation (Hindi-English):
1. Rajkumar Hirani – Prince Hirani
Google, you don’t even know he is not the Prince, he is the King amongst the Bollywood filmmakers.
2. Tina Munim – Tina Bookkeeper
Well, I don’t really understand, her husband is running an empire but why is she a bookkeeper? Maybe she is too much into books.
3. Dia Mirza – The given Mirza
Ok, when I put this name, I thought it will show candle or something but Google have taken it to the next level and did not surprise me at all.
4. Kriti Sanon - Masterpiece Sainan
Kriti Sanon is yet to prove to Google and the world that she is a masterpiece, sure, she is good but masterpiece is yet to come, right?
5. Rishi Kapoor – Sage Kapoor
Alright, just sit down sit down, your eyes must have popped out! He is nowhere close to sage and pretty sure he doesn’t intend to be either with all that Twitter posts he shares.
6. Rani Mukherjee – Queen Mukherjee
This is splendid but quite predictable unlike the other translations because many of the media members do call her Queen and rightfully so.
7. Bhumi Pednekar – Land Pednekar
LOL! Though if you see her performances, she seems like a person who is very close to the Earth or land, desh ki khushbu aati hai!
8. Disha Patani – Direction Patani
Now, if I bring out my sense of humour here, I will say “Disha Pata Nahi!”
Honorary mention:
Abhijat Joshi – Elite Joshi
The co-writer of the movie ‘Sanju’ is surely an Elite!
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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