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Delhi and Mumbai, arguably the smartest cities in India have always been a topic of debate. Whenever, Mumbaikars and Delhites have locked horns, fireworks happened. Both the cities leave no stone unturned to emerge victoriously; they can fight over infrastructure, education, government and even food.
GAAAAWWWDDDDAAMMIT is the expression.
Let us have a quick look on the never-ending debate of Delhi VS Mumbai and decide for yourself, which one is better?
1). Infrastructure
Well, I have been to both the places and Delhi wins this segment, hands down. Delhi’s infrastructure is definitely tad better than Mumbai’s. Mumbai is very congested when compared to Delhi’s spacious roads and environment.
2). Night Life
Mumbai is the city that never sleeps and accommodates the swankiest of bars and pubs, so safe to say that their night life is certainly better than Delhi's.
3). Weekend Getaways
Mumbai takes the cake here, thanks to its proximity with the blissful Goa.
4). Education
Delhi has one of the most famous university and people all over India try hard to get admission here, also, it has the blooming North Campus, need I say more?
5). Weather
And, Delhi wins it in style with its trademark -‘BC’
- Shivam
Design Credits : Vikas Kakkar
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