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Getting a dog on impulse is very very far from tough. Just look at that face! Can you really resist that? Those puppy eyes have the power to manipulate you so hard, I am going to cry right now!
But but but! Pets, well, there is an ocean of thing one can say about their pets but today we assembled here to talk about the things they do after they commit mistakes. Yes, I know, you are instantly thinking about all their tricks to melt your heart. Yes, here we go!
Here are the things pets do after committing mistakes:
#1 After your dog ate your couch cover
So, this is your way to feel shame? First eat up the couch cover and then make that cute and innocent face!
#2 Cats and shame, doesn’t go hand in hand.
If you own a dog, they will commit mistake and then regret but with cats, that is not the case.
#3 After getting caught trying to pickpocket my purse
“Now what should I do? My owner is looking at me like that!!”
#4 Cat trying to steal bread
Picture 1: Noone is watching lets just have it and kisiko pata bhi nahi chalega!
Picture 2: Oh Shit!! I was not taking the bread, is this bread? Is it used for eating purposes?
#5 After ruining the pink marker
“I think there is no way to escape now! Should I just make by frowny face and melt my mumma’s heart?”
#6 When he commits a mistake, his ears disappear
Owner: What have you done now??
Dog: I am innocent
Owner: So why are your ears missing from your head?
Dog: *Innocent face appears*
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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