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There are people who are gym enthusiasts but very few brave people are yoga enthusiast because it takes hella will power. If you are a gym enthusiast and you will be going to the yoga with full confidence that it’s super easy-peezy for and the moment you start twisting your head, you understand “It’s a trouble trouble trouble!”
Yoga is one of the greatest activities because it not only relaxes your body, keeps you in shape but also it relaxes and calms down your mind. But but but!! If you are a newbie on Yoga, you will relate to these things so hard, just check it out.
So, here are few things that you go through while doing yoga:
1. Beginning the session with meditation
This is story of every beginner and I used to open of my eyes to peak whether anyone else is struggling too. I know everyone is but just it was a reassurance to myself!
2. Vrikshasana
Oh this is going easy? What were they talking about that yoga is so difficult and all! *Fall down balancing*
3. Instruction: Hold the pose for 2 mins
Yes I can do it! I can do it! I CAN DO IT! Oh shucks!!! Maar hi kyu nahi dete instructor??
4. When you fall down trying to do a pose
How can my instructor be so brutal? Do you dream of killing me?
5. Tangled yourself too much
You twist and tangle so much that you have to call your instructor and tell him to untangle you, humanly impossible to untangle myself by myself!
6. The Yoga nidra
This is the best yoga posture of mine when you have to do nothing else but sleep but don’t fall asleep. Yes, there is trick in everything.
7. When you finally sleep at night
After all that struggles, pain, mental resistance, breathing problem the f*%$ing heat, finally, this is how you sleep after the yoga day!
Graphic Designer: Vikas Kakkar
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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