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Rihanna is not one of the celebrities that you will see and forget, she is a star and wherever she goes, she makes sure a powerful impact. Not only in USA but Rihanna has fans all over the world and her fans are mad about her. So, for the Indian fans of RiRi, here is a good news…
We found our very own Indian RiRi. Yes, Renee Kujur is a 23 year old girl, born in Chhattisgarh and based in New Delhi. She is currently been booked for many runway shows after people started to notice her as the Rihanna's doppelgänger.
The model said in an interview to Hindustan Times that “I laughed off the Rihanna part. But soon, everyone was saying the same thing”.
Though it is not all hunky-dory for her to start off. She recalls that when Renee was three, she participated in a school competition and the minute she stepped into the stage, someone shouted ‘Dekho dekho kaali pari’. Renne then left the stage sobbing. Now after 20 years, she has become a star on Instagram and a well-known model. Her fan now takes selfies with and autographs from her.
Renee discloses that once a makeup artist said, "Sundar ladki ka make-up toh koi bhi kar sakta hai [Anyone can do the make-up for a beautiful girl]. The real challenge is to make a dark girl look good, and I’ve done it." It’s a shame that India, being a country where most people have mid to dark skin tones, the beauty standards is extremely shattering.
Now she savagely says to herself that ‘Kuch pariyan kaali bhi hoti hain...’ Not only a doppleganger of Rihanna but she must be the spirit doppleganger of the Savage lady as well.
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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