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A human species is a canvas for a broad range of emotions, an array of feelings and a tsunami of reactions. We laugh, cry, get excited, get thoughtful and what not; each emotion has a different facial expression which depicts that in an apt manner. For instance, if you are crying, your eyes would tend to get moist; when surprised, the pupil would expand and eyebrows would be raised without you realizing it. The human body is strange and exciting at the same time.
Though some of are a little introvert and tend to hide our overflowing emotions but just as a coin has two sides, we also have people who go out with full throttle to display their emotions out in public and when this happens, it is one great sight to keep gawking at.
Here we have compiled some of the best reactions of people around the world, have a look :
Ocean makes her happy, very happy!
Spin me like a fidget spinner!
Santa did not get them their favorite gifts.
Stop judging me, I love Ice Cream way too much.
She has clearly not seen this high proportion.
Everyone looks!
All sorts of adorbs!
She learnt using video call for the first time.
- Shivam
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