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No matter what people conceive girls to be like but we are one hell of an intelligent species! Even the dumbest girl will have talents which she will use on her advantage and in your entire life, you will not get to know. Because of being intelligent, we are extremely understanding, but we don’t show-off our super-powers that often.
So, here are the secrets we, girls rarely share with boys:
1. No matter how we trust our boyfriends, we will always keep a window of doubt alive just not to be too blind in love.
2. We take a lot of screenshots and that includes when we are flirting or talking to our boyfriends. If need be, we very much share it with our girlfriends to discuss and make analysis of it.
3. We girls give you a lot of advice and beneficial ones but she listens to guys’ advice just for the sake of it because we can handle our own shit pretty well. But we don’t let guys know about that!
4. When your girlfriend is mentioning anything more than once, it means that is causing her trouble or bothering her.
5. Every girl has given a thought of spending their lives with their bestfriend or closest friend atleast once and they already know in their whether to say yes or to turn you down.
6. Girls can notice anyone staring at their private parts, we are multi-talented. Just, be careful of our wrath!
7. Girls always love compliments about attributes more than physical beauty. For example, they will always like you more if you say that she is intelligent rather than gorgeous.
Here to all the cheerful, beautiful, kind and intelligent ladies in the world! Take a bow!
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