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We all have that one friend for whom everything may seem a problem but not the alcohol. He is someone who can smell alcohol from a distance and is so addicted to it that you can get any of your work done just by sliding a bottle of his favourite brand.
He is someone who makes hungover self-made promises like ‘Today was the last time’, ‘Aaj Se Daaru Band’, ‘Bro, I am done’ etc. and breaks them by the time the day reaches the dawn.
Many a times when you counter question him for his drinking habits (even on weekdays), he comes up with some of the most haphazard random shit we could ever hear, let us have a look at some of the silliest statements he gives :-
1). Drinking On Monday
When his week starts with a bang (quite, literally) and you cannot help but gawk at him with a poker face.
2). Drinking on Tuesday
When he brings in religion for his defense and stumps you off.
3). Drinking on Wednesday
When he showers his love on us in the weirdest way possible.
4). Drinking on Thursday
When he makes fictional characters to make up an excuse.
5). Drinking on Friday
When he gets tired after doing NOTHING during the week and demands some booze.
6). Drinking on Saturday
When he throws this clichéd line like a pro.
7). Drinking On Sunday
When he tries to cure the after-effects of alcohol by intaking more alcohol.
All we can say is that we love you more than you love your booze bas peena thodi kamm kar dey.
- Shivam
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