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Dumping a trip last minute is so over-rated but the crisis is real! Though, if you still have your apprehensions, here are some of the situations where your friend or you dumped your mates in situation but the way you have handled it all left both the parties wonder whether to laugh at the silly excuse or to be f*&^ing angry in the situation!
Here are the funny excuses we or our friends give to get out of something:
1. You are too tired to get to your friend’s wedding reception and your friend is furiously asking you…
If your friend is a super superstitious guy then he will himself tell you not to go in case, he is not, he will either laugh hard at your silliness or come to kill you then and there.
2. If you missed a deadline of your client or boss and they are enquiring about the crisis
Now your boss or client is having a second thought about getting you out of the project but they can’t say anything because of the awkwardness you have spread all around…
3. When a girl is getting too friendly with you but you don’t like how talkative she is…
4. When a guy asks you for a date and you don’t like him!
Whether you call it a superstition or not..its my rule.
Bro zoning and no zoning then and there, Yasss!
5. When you said earlier that you have left from home for the house party but you never showed up even after 3 hours of the call
I need to spend some serious time worrying about a good excuse as to why I don't want to do anything tonight. :)
Now, you can use this on days when world is trying to disturb your mental peace!
Graphic Designer: Vikas Kakkar
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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