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Animals are an essential part of our world, they make the wilderness come alive, and their chatter and howling complete nature. Not just these animals are very helpful for human beings in many ways. Animals play a crucial role in sustaining human life. The cuddliest dogs who also act as the spy-eye for your homes are no less than bliss. Animals are also helpful in occupational therapy, speech therapy, or physical rehabilitation to help patients recover. They are the companions whom we can truly trust for they demand nothing but love and affection.
Apart from caressing the four leg animals, people also love the wing possessing birds who can soothe your mind in seconds with their melodious chirping. Apart from this birds are also very helpful in human survival as they are used in poultry and pollination.
Sometimes, we do feel if these adorable creatures could come to life and we can talk to them in person, though, it is a little impossible but creativity doesn’t obey the limits of possibilities, that is why many netizens went ahead and imagined the birds as humans and tested their Photoshop skills; the results are outright funny:-
1). When you are a protective brother and someone hurts your sister.
2). Chidiyon ka Salman Khan
3). Eminem, be scared, be very scared!
4). Women Vs Men at the beach
5). Don't mess with me!
Birds are the magnificent creatures which add charm and glory to the environment but due to increased toxicity in the environment, they are getting extinct. Thus, we need to take the action as sooner as we can and save these beautiful entities.
- Shivam
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