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Well, it won’t be a very smart question to ask you guys if you have watched the new Netflix show that made everyone sit on the edge of their seats. Yes, I am talking about Sacred Games. I know most of you have watched it and the ones who have not yet please go watch it right now. And the ones who are done with the first season, I know how eagerly you guys are waiting for the second season and the next episodes (trust me I am on the same boat like you).

You need something to indulge your mind into till the time the next episodes arrive on Netflix. So here is some equally good, gritty and mind-blowing crime drama shows that you should start watching.

A classic crime and gangster drama show. This film is about an aging father who is trying to pass on his legacy of crime to his son. This movie is a must watch with a classic script, mind-blowing casting, and great acting.

Breaking Bad
A high school chemistry teacher who gets diagnosed with lung cancer and then he tries to manufacture and sell methamphetamine to get some money in order to support his family. This movie showcases the life of a middle-class man and how difficult can his survival be.

Oh, this is my favourite one and you guys must watch it. This dark comedy will give you some tingles down your spine. The shoot of this series is done very beautifully and the acting of every character stands out.

No Country for Old Men
A thrilling story that will make you move to the edge of your seat. You will certainly fall in love with this Oscar-winning film.

This show is based in the late 1970s where two FBI officers start studying the mind and psychology of criminals. If you love watching shows on criminals and then this will probably be the best choice.

You won’t be able to guess anything while watching this show. It is thrilling and has some unexpected twists and turns.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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