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Popular actress Sunny Leone has always been belittled by a certain section of society because of her past. Though Sunny is doing way too good in the industry, some people are still not able to accept her. But, according to her she does feel herself as a ‘soft target’ but not a ‘victim’. Many times she faced backlash on social media and many of her shows got cancelled but that wasn’t enough to persuade the brave lady to back off.
Sunny said in a statement, "I don't see myself as a victim but I may be a soft target. I believe people should have the right to say what they want to, when they want to, how they want to, whether it's right or wrong is their choice and moral stand. Most of the time I brush it off because it's nonsense... Sometimes it gets on my nerves. Does it hurt me? No. Is it annoying? Yes."
The actor was seen making this statement at the launch of her biographical drama Karenjit Kaur- The Untold Story of Sunny Leone that is slated to release digitally on 16th July on Zee5.
Talking about the series, Sunny said, “It had to make sense to our story. So whether it was a good thing or bad, I had to tell it all. We sat for six months where I just told stories about myself and from those stories we have made 20 episodes. I'm still trying to get convinced if I did the right thing but what Aditya (director) has shot, it's really beautiful. I'm happy the director let me be me. I'm still on the fence whether it was the right choice or the wrong. I know deep down it was the right choice. I'm just scared, that's all."
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- Shivam
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