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Lately Indian Cinema is not producing much of thriller genre films and if you are one of those who has shifted to Hollywood to satisfy your craving for thriller films, this list will definitely restore your faith in Hindi films. These Indian thrillers will let you go on the edge of your seat and bite your nails very often, so grab some popcorn and let the thrill begin!
1). 404: Error Not Found
This lesser-known thriller is one hell of a film. Dealing with the subject of supernatural forces vs science, the tale traces the story of a guy who gets ragged, abused in a college campus and soon gets entangled in a vicious circle of imagination and reality. Truly Impeccable piece of work.
2). Ugly
When the god of neo-noir thrillers Anurag Kashyap decided to go at his full throttle, he carved this exceptional film. The film is a psychological drama that involves the story of a child of a struggling actor gone missing and the havoc that is created thereafter.
3).13B: Fear Has a New Address
Imagine a soap opera airing on television starts predicting your future, intrigued already? Watch this supernatural drama starring R. Madhwan who has given a spectacular performance in the film. The film has some genuine heart-in-the-mouth moments.
4). Kaun
A secluded house, a rainy day, an alone woman and an uninvited guest; the film had all the right ingredients to make a taut thriller and eventually, it turned out to be one. The film was also like an inception phase for maestro Anurag Kashyap who wrote this slick thriller in his early days in the industry.
5). Trapped
Vikramaditya Motwane’s survival drama is a treat to watch. The man has perfectly caught the essence of losing freedom and Rajkumar Rao lived the role of his lifetime.
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- Shivam
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