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Passion can take you places and this quote has added one more testimony in its kitty. A young guy who goes by the name – Zack, used to earn his bread and butter by working in a corporate house as an engineer. Soon, he realized that engineering is not something he finds too intriguing, so he took a chance of a lifetime and went on to study art.
He is now busy making comics about various parts of his life, his fond memories from childhood and his daily chores.
He says that writing and drawing comics is challenging but the positive feedback that he receives from his fans keeps him going.
He is famous among his fans by the pseudo name
Let us have a look at some of his best works :-
1). The dilemma
Zack perfectly sketches out the dilemma faced by every guy who is in his early 20's trying to find a balance between personal and professional life.
2). Uh...well!
When the client wants a perfect work but doesn't know the directions to give, its one hell of an irritating moment.
3). Priorities
Yes, it is important to understand art fundamentals but come on understanding boobs is much important for the guys.
4). Awww alert!
Hey kitty, you do know your cuteness is costing Zack a lot.
5). Bitter Truth
When Zack threw this blatant truth at our face and we could not help but sob in the corner.
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- Shivam
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