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Social Media is floating with the news about the hardships faced by Mumbaikars due to heavy rains. The infrastructure has failed miserably and it is almost a near apocalypse situation for the residents of the-city-that-never-sleeps. Mumbai administration has fallen right on ground and is not able to plan an immediate course of action.
In such hard times, netizens came along with their keyboards and wicked sense of humor to provide our beloved people some laughs, here are the best memes:-
1). Sequel in making.
When Ang Lee directed this epic survival drama, people were astonished as they hadn’t seen something like this but Mumbai people were like: Ye to apun roj dekta hai, hatt!
2). Is it too much to ask?
Atul Khatri channelized his inner Karan Johar and threw it right on the social media mansion.
3). Brat feels!
Just another filthy rich family from South Bombay making their way on Mumbai roads to reach to work on time.
4). Ghalib, is that you?
Who would have thought that one day Mumbai Rains will help a CA find his true calling and we will get to meet the reincarnated version of Mirza Ghalib.
5). Venice, die in envy!
People spend a lot of bucks to travel to this beautiful city called Venice, people love to take boat rides here with their loved ones. My question is why waste so much money? Just get a boat and go on Mumbai roads and you are sorted. The money you save can be used for other things like giving it to me cuz I am garib :( .
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- Shivam
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