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Having a hard day at work? Sometimes it really gets hard to go through our day at the office. With boss screaming for no reason and manager giving file after file to check and complete it is quite normal for anyone to need a break.
With our busy schedules and limited time with loads of work, it is quite impossible to do something which is time-consuming. Because we hardly have free time. There are so many comics and books out there but honestly who has the time to read them. We get it and therefore if you are stuck at work and need a break here are some great web comics that will lighten up your day.

Garbage Bin
This web-comic will make you nostalgic about the good time you had as a child.

Sarah’s Scribble
This is the best comic for all of you guys stuck at work. Sarah’s Scribble is all about love, life and women.

This comic is full of sarcasm and will actually make you roll on the floor while laughing. So if you love sarcasm this is your go to comic.

This comic will make your heart melt with the adorable drawing of children and family. Also, it will teach you some things about life and how to live it.

Calvin and Hobbes
The fun that this comic will present to you cannot be compared to anything. This comic will give you a hard knock on your brain.

Hyperbole and a Half
This comic will make you laugh and think hard. This one is perfect for a short break at the office.

Brown Paper Bag
Mind-blowing desi comic and also an excellent critique of the society and the world we live in.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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