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Since the inception of Uber, transportation has become easier, cheaper and comfortable for the people. The high-class cabs that offer affordable rides are no less than a bliss for the common man. Imagine, you are standing on a road at 3 AM with no means of transportation passing by, all you need to do is book a cab on Uber and you are good to go.
You must have noticed that many times Uber drivers recite many goofy stories to help you kill some time, perfect way for customer engagement. The Uber experiences are some of the most surreal and funny stories to tell.
This caught the eyes of the wicked netizens who are now making quality memes on Uber experiences, here we have compiled some of the best memes that have surfaced on the internet and made us laugh out loud.
So, go ahead live the quintessential Uber moments and have a Happy Weekend!
1). Waiting patiently for your Uber cab
When you have booked the cab, you feel a little relieved so you sit and wait for your majestic 4-wheeler to come and pick you up.
2). When your Uber driver takes a wrong turn
When your Uber driver mistakenly takes a wrong turn that just increases the time to your destination, you lose it like this cat, don’t you?
3). When you give your driver 5-star rating, he be like:
Drivers play it cool and easy with the customers to get a 5-star rating and when the achieve it, the swag is unreal.
4). When you and your driver, both are introverts
Seldom comes a driver who is as introvert as you, and you both wait for the other person to break the ice.
5). When your Uber driver looks shabby AF
Many times, the Uber driver looks really creepy and all you do is pray to the almighty that he doesn’t turn out to be a serial killer!
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- Shivam
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