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The love-hate relationship between our heart and brain has often thrown us into the well of a dilemma. There are times when we have to choose between the ideologies of our lovable organs. While Brain suggests us to go in a sophisticated way, heart makes us think – fuck sophistication, wild is the new cool.
Today, we are going to have a look real-life situations where our mind and heart come against each other and trouble us for no reason whatsoever. Let us get rolling:-
1). At work
When you are at work and Brain and Heart would constantly try to pull you on their respective side. It is one hell of a decision to make because work will give you money and PUBG..ahm..well. .Khushi!
2). Responsibilities
When Brain gives you a valuable advice to get your priorities straight while heart urges you to do utter nonsense.
3). Watching emotional movie
When you are watching a movie and brain wants you to remember that you are a man so crying is not allowed while heart wants you to go guns out and shed some drops of salted water from eyes.
4). House Shopping
Well, let us agree, Heart always wins when it comes to spending money on useless stuffs because as they say Heart wants what it wants no matter how useless it is.
5). When you are going to propose your girlfriend for marriage
Well, the heart takes over brain here as well and we end up saying – “Hey, I love you, Can I be your wife?” ACTUAL FUCK!
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- Shivam
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