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Dieting for maintaining your body weight or trying to town own the fatty cells in your body? Diet right!
People trying multiple diets in name of ‘dieting’ should understand that none of your diet will work like that. When you try out or change your diet routines every now and the, none of the diet gets the time it needs to provide the right balance of proteins in your body. Skipping breakfast or not drinking enough water is plain wrong, here are some more thing you are not doing right.
So, if you don’t want to sabotage your health, you need to stop doing these things:
1. Monotonous food
Diet plans when made by yourself and not and professional encourages monotonous food which eventually gets boring, that is wrong. The solution is to go for a variety of food items which more of less have same kind of nutrition. Include vegetables and fruits in your diet and it will automatically become interesting.
2. Formula Drinks
Replacing your meals with formula drinks and bars constantly will make you weak. Since whole foods like pulses, cereals, fruits and vegetables are main source of nutrients, therefore, include them instead of formula drinks.
3. Overeating because you don’t want to waste
We all do this mistake pretty much just because we don’t want to waste food. Force feeding yourself or over-eating will lead you nowhere. Respect your body and feed it as much it requires and not like a garbage bin.
4. Believing that only exercise can shed calories
Many people have this blind believe that exercise is the only or the main way to shed all the fat and keep you healthy but it’s a big myth. Exercise will sure help you burn calories but if you want to lose weight organically, you have to give same importance to both exercise and your diet.
5. Impulse Eating
Eating out on impulse rather than the schedule or hunger is not acceptable. Don’t ban yourself from having food but do not eat because you can’t control the urge of eating pizza and donuts everyday. Stop it!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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