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Office crushes are the worst thing that can happen to you. I know what I am talking about I can see the blushed out face of yours through the screen. If the crush has developed over a period of time and you used to talk to him then there is a chance that you might be able to control your emotions. In case, you lost your world the time you saw him/her, Man Oh Man! There is no hope for you, Sorry!
Here is how you react when you have a crush in your office:
1. The first time you saw your work in the office
That was the day my brain and heart stopped synchronizing with each other in office.
2. When you find out he/she is single
You might not have talked to your crush from the very beginning but will that stop your imagination to see you both as a couple? NO
3. When they look at you and your brain leaves you alone then and there
When the heart stops beating and brain stops working….
4. How you react if someday your crush teases you casually
Don’t do this to me, I have a weak heart. Maybe now it is!
5. When he/she is around suddenly you behave like an alien personality.
The intense giddy feeling never stops even after 2 hours of him giving you just a glance.
6. When you have to be all professional with him but on the inside you are completely screwed
Absolutely horrified of our blush that gushes through without any control!
7. When you stalk them so much, that you even know their mother and father’s name.
What have I become? A stalker? Merely a stalker! *sigh*
8. When you always keep an eye on them always and plan out everything according to their schedule.
Your lunch, coffee breaks, leave out time and basically find any excuse to see your crush all the time.
9. Remember the time that you liked one of the old photos while stalking through their account
Yes, that is the kind of situation and embarrassment we all are used to!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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