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Female sexual desire is the one thing that is never talked about anywhere. People are too shy and ignorant to even acknowledge the fact that just as men, women too have some sexual desires and there is nothing shameful in talking, thinking about it or acknowledging it.
Just as everyone Bollywood has also been very shy to portray it in their work. But with time things are changing. Maybe slowly but change is coming. We no more replace the kissing scenes with flowers making out and we no more replace intimate scenes with thunderstorm and rain falls. Slowly but we are coming to terms with the fact that these are just normal things that are a part of every individual's life and there is nothing wrong with it.
But still, we have a long way to cover before our society becomes more acceptable towards women exploring their sexual desires without being tagged with bad words. But in the past years, we have witnessed some very powerful Bollywood moments which showcased moments of female sexual awakening and left us shaken.
And so here we are to acknowledge those moments. Because we need to talk about the good changes that are coming.

Megha in Lust Stories
I guess everyone by now has seen Lust Stories. The character of Megha impressed us a lot. The scene where she orgasms before everyone at the title track of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham is hilarious. The best part about it was she refuses to think that what she did was wrong. She believes that it shouldn’t have happened where it happened but the fact that it happened or what she did was not wrong. Also, the scene explains how our society tags the women if she thinks of exploring her sexual desires.

Laila in Margrita With A Straw
Laila realizes that she was attracted to her friend Khanum and then decides to explore her sexuality. Their relationship flows naturally and all of it was perfect. Despite Laila being a disabled girl and Khanum being a blind activist their relationship goes well. And this angle of the story makes it more interesting.

Sakshi in Veere Di Wedding
Sakshi who was not happy in her marriage decides to explore ways of satisfying herself. The scene where Sakshi is shown masturbating and her husband walks into the room and watch her masturbating and then gets disgusted with what she was doing was so powerful. Why is women masturbation seen as the grossest thing when it is completely okay for men to do the same.

Usha in Lipstick Under My Burkha
There are hardly any movies that show a 55-year-old woman exploring her sexuality but ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ showed that to us. Usha a 55-year-old woman in this movie not only pursues a younger man but also indulges in phone sex. She lives all her fantasies by taking the identity of a book character she has been reading about, Rosy. This showed us that our society is not ready to accept that a woman of that age can have any sexual desires.

Paro in DevD
Paro in Dev D is a good example of the fact that good girls too have sexual desires and there is nothing wrong with it. Anurag Kashyap showed the character of Paro wonderfully and she is one such character that shook us. She is ready to do anything to complete her desires.

Lajjo in Parched
There are two sequences of Lajjo in this movie where she explores her sexual desires. One is when she gets intimate with her friend Rani nothing much happens in this scene but it was so beautifully shown that you can get goosebumps. Another scene is when Lajjo sleeps with a man who lives in a cave and realizes that sex can give so much pleasure and it’s not just for men to enjoy it.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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