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There is a dialogue which says “there are relationships which are easy and other which are tough”. I say there is no easy relationship because any relationships have emotions attached of two people which automatically become difficult. But, here we have gathered to talk about our relationship with our phone and that is not a person and the wonderous part is that, they still give us problems and we give them hard time too.
First of all let me tell you, I refer my phone as ‘he’ because my phone and I are more in a relationship than my parents or my boyfriend. He is the ‘sahara’ of my life and you know what happens in a relationship which is so close! We love each other a lot, hate each other a lot but we need space for each other as well.
The times when your phone makes you fall in love and then fall in anger:
1. Your phone falling on your face
This is the most common phenomenon happening with all human beings because with the invention of smartphones, we have also upgraded the phone to be more heavy, big and probably more slippery!
2. Snooze button dabate dabate duniya ko bhul jao
Setting my alarm like 8, 8:10, 8:15, 8:20 and the alarm timings go on for 1 hour that might me your story too! At that time, probably my phone hates me more..
3. When your phone remind you birthdays
These are the times when I really kiss my phone for doing that, apart from all our fights and space issues, he really makes me his priority.
4. Memory full alert
I don’t know about other phones but my phone is always short of memory whether RAM is full or Sim card is full or the SD card is full? Everytime I buy a phone, I specifically make sure that the RAM is doubled but still, he (my phone) is always short of space. I hope you get the joke here!
5. When the battery runs out
Me: How can you be in a relationship and ditch me like that? Don’t you have any emotions?
Phone: NO, I need my space!
Dear phone, though you need to sort out these problems but I must tell you and I do tell you all the time, I can stay away from you whenever I want but you really do make my life better.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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