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The internet is a cave of intriguing things; it serves us with a plethora of options/activities to choose from. You can order food, book tickets or watch leisure porn with just a click. It puts together people in an amazing way and we have seen it in the past that how people on internet gathered together to give us a day that is a total laugh riot.
A similar thing happened yet again when a girlfriend (Eria) found his soulmate sleeping in the car and asked the netizens to put their photoshop skills in action. She puts up his boyfriend’s photo on the internet and asks, “I'm Telling God' Facebook group, a group that specializes in the dankest of memes, to photoshop some scenes into the background so I could tell him what he missed”.
When the responses started floating in, Eria was stunned to see the robust efforts of the netizens, she exclaimed: “I figured I'd get some interesting responses from them. I just had no idea how many! I had no idea it would blow up like that. I was totally impressed by everyone's creativity and the amount of collaboration that happened between strangers in the comments.”
Here are some of the best photoshop edits that are worthy of a big laugh:-
1). The guy is PUT'IN himself to sleep
2). I can watch dinosaurs later, sleep is the priority!
3). You are not trolled unless you make it to the classic meme
4). Mark was selling the data to the sleepy head
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- Shivam
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