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The decriminalising of same-sex relationships is one such topic that has been in arguments for a very long time. Living as a homosexual in India is not at all an easy thing to do. There are people who support it but there are also people who think that it is against nature’s laws. It is so shameful to know that we have people around us who think that they can take away the freedom of consenting adults and tell them who they can have a relationship with Advocate Menaka Guruswamy arguing against section 377 of the IPC.

She gave many powerful and passionate arguments. Menaka is the first female lawyer who spoke within a packed courtroom and she did her best to humanize the case as much as she can.

She also gave a very strong example of Indian Psychiatric Association which stated in clear and bold letters that homosexuality is not a disease.

Two people falling in love and wanting to be together no matter what the sex is, how can it be a disease?
If there are people like Menaka Guruswamy who is doing everything to protect the rights of homosexuals and to give them the protection of their constitution as they deserve then there are people who were fighting to keep the Section 377. The ones who firmly stand again consensual same-sex relationships gave some very vague arguments that literally just made us go WTF.

Another bizarre thing said was:

They even claimed that since majority of Indian population is not homosexual therefore their views deserve priority. What kind of an argument is it? It just like saying since majority of Indian population go on littering on the roads therefore the Swacch Bharat law should be closed. It sounds as stupid as the latter one.

Criminalising something just because the majority portion of the crowd doesn’t think that way is not the way of making laws. After all these arguments the bench was finally adjourned and the argument will start again on Tuesday.

It is pretty easy to see that vague and foolish arguments were being made in the court room. No one was putting any intelligent argument for Section 377. It is 2018 and we are still arguing over what kind of a person should we have a relationship with.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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