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Emojis have become a way of expressing our emotion and they do it perfectly. All the giddy feeling inside you or complicated emotions which are tough to put into words, emojis does that for us. There are some of the selective emojis which are misunderstood a lot. Everytime when you reply or caption any post with these emojis, you will atleast get one question when one person asks “what do you mean?”
World Emoji Day is celebrated since 2014 when the founder of Emojipedia, Jeremy Burge, created this day for the very first time ever.
Do you know 700 million emojis are used in Facebook posts every day? Yes, now you know there is a day to celebrate emojis. On the celebration of World Emoji Day, we have made a list of the most misunderstood emojis of all time:
1. Upside down smiley
Actual meaning: This represents a sense of silliness or goofiness mostly preferred to be used while joking or in sarcasm.
Assumed by people: and we all thought that we are both happy and sad at the same time!
2. Smirking face
Actual meaning: The actual meaning of this emoji is a face smirkling where you smile irritatingly or just for the sake of it.
Assumed by people: Many people either think you are flirting with the other person or they are confused about your actual state of mind.
3. Sad and confused
Actual meaning: This I must say, I have misunderstood this too. This actually portrays a disappointed yet relieved face.
Assumed by people: We think it is a sad and confused person.
4. Dead yet astonished
Actual meaning: This obviously means that you are dead because of the cross in the eyes but shocked. So, it actually means that you are so shocked that you are dead.
Assumed by people: People totally get it wrong, there are numerous interpretations of this.
5. Neutral face
Actual meaning: This is portrayal of a neutral face where you are neither agreeing nor disagreeing.
Assumed by people: People for some reason find that as a negative face.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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