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Marriage is a very personal and individual affair, it is quite weird to generalise marriage for all. That is what most of Indian parents do, not that they have any bad intention but they grew up like that and they feel like marriage will give you happiness and stability. 24 or 25 age cannot be the barometer to get married and these are the things which our parents sometimes don’t understand. So, instead of trying our a*s to make them understand, we use these excuses to convince them that we are not ready to get married.
Excuses we give our moms to not get married:
1. I think I will study a little further
This is the best thing you can say to your mom-dad to avoid marriage, this will give them no option but say ok. But currently many of the parents are actually saying “padhai ko shaadi k baad bhi kar sakti hai na?” Just saying!
2. First let me sort out my career and then think of it
This excuse might get tanked as well, so, I am trying to help you aware for your back-up plan as well, read on.
3. Marriage is just not for me, I don’t understand this institution of marriage
Then maybe your mom says “Ek chaper deni hai, ‘I don’t believe ki bachchi’ chup chap ladka dekh le.”
4. I want to move abroad and after that you can think about my marriage.
How many times, have you tried saying this?
5. Let me first learn the household chores and then can talk
If you say this to your mom, she will get teary-eyed and then realise, itne saal se toh kuch sikha nahi ab kya kar legi!
6. No boy will ever want to marry me, Mom!
Your mom will be like, “Haa pata hai but koshish toh kar lene de mujhe!”
7. Mom, I think I am a lesbian.
This excuse comes in the worst case scenario when maybe the ‘Dulha’ is standing outside the door holding the garland.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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