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India’s most loved RJ – RJ Malishka has never failed to tickle our funny bones with her razor-sharp sarcasm and quirky antics. Be it on a radio or elsewhere, she has always managed to crack us up with her funny side.
Last year, she made news with her monsoon song that took jibes at BMC’s failure to give a good stature of infrastructure to sustain heavy rains. She pointed out the potholes and devastated conditions of the city, in her amusing song. The lyrics were way too catchy and people applauded her for her take but some netizens were pissed off at her actions and Malishka had to face a series of trolls but that did not let her spirit die away as she is back with yet another monsoon song named: ‘Mumbai Geli Khadayat’.
Malishka has attacked the BMC yet again through her parody video, this time she is pointing towards the death toll that has increased this monsoon because of road accidents caused by potholes that surround the city roads like oxygen blanket surrounds the earth. The video is getting viral in just a few hours of its release and people are just loving Malishka’s ranting avatar.
BMC is yet to respond to the video but we are sure that they are going to get pissed off big time and this will ignite another controversy and Malishka might have to face the heat but guess the badass lady is all up for it.
Way To Go, Malishka! Keep your head held high and sarcasm higher.
See The Video Here:
<iframe width="100%" height="250" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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- Shivam
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