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When you go to a theatre to watch your favorite flick, you assure yourself that it is going to be a big hole for your pocket, all thanks to expensive food items that are sold in there but the people of Maharashtra have got an upper hand now as Maharashtra govt. announced that cinephiles can bring their own snacks to multiplexes.
Food and Civil Supplies Minister Ravindra Chavan on Friday assured the state legislature that "there is no ban on patrons carrying outside food to multiplexes but if the multiplex authorities prohibit it, they could face action".
The news came as a relieving air and moviegoers rejoiced hearing such ecstatic news. To celebrate this important decision netizens took to their twitter handles to produce some of the best memes, have a look:-
1). Snackendra Bahubali
When the decision is so alluring, why don’t take full advantage of it, right?
2). Kitthe Gayi Sharab Di Gaddi?
Some Observations are so on point that they crack us up the very moment we hear them, this is one of them.
3). Preparations Like These
Gym diets is an old-school thing, the multiplex diet plan is the new cool!
4). Family Picnic Got A New Place
Imagine enjoying a lazy Saturday and munching on home-cooked dishes with your beloved family at an air-conditioned theatre, enticing, isn’t it?
5). Chappan Bhog Feels
When the liberty is given, use it to its fullest bruh!
The decision came in power because of certain protests that were carried out by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) against several multiplexes where a popcorn pack of Rs. 5 was sold at a cost of Rs. 250 inside. And, as expected the protest was supported by many people and hence the fruitful decision.
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- Shivam
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