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Flight journeys can be either joyous or disastrous, there are no mid-path in-between the two. If you get the food right, great company and window seat is compulsory, then all is sorted. Since this combination is quite rare to happen and that too all in the same flight, it will be a miracle and definitely the best flight ever.
So, what do we get instead of a good flight? The bad ones, Duh uh! So here are some things we all do in flights or face:
1. When air hostess asks whether you want juice or cold drink?
One side of the brain: Zara thand and zara soda, best, cold drink hi lunga
Other side of the brain: Fruit juice mehenga aur healthy hai, bahut kharchha kiya hai ticket kaatne mein, wasool karta hu.
2. When you forget to use web check-in
Yeh restaurant achha dikh raha hai, try karta hu
You rush into the airport before 2 hours but you still don’t get any windows. Then you ask for aile seat and you don’t even get that.
3. When you reach early and you have all the time in the world
You eat variety of food from different restaurants and you keep on wondering everywhere in the airport. Now, you are broke!
4. When get the most irritating uncle in the flight sitting right next to you
Beta, tum karte kya ho? Kaha jaa rahe ho? Tumne kuch khaya nahi, kha lo kuch timepass ho jayega.
Beta tumlog gaana kyu sunte rehte ho?
They will put your dur k relatives to shame!
5. When there are sudden trimmers in the flight
Uncle bachalo aaj, pure flight aapka bakwas sununga..
When you need support from the irritating uncle because you are scared AF!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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