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The rainy season has arrived and its a call for the arrival of a warm cup of coffee and a romantic novel, right?
Everything is ok but just replace romanticism with thriller genre and you are good to go. Thriller gives you an unexplained rush in your body and keeps your grey cells working throughout. It gives you an escape from daily life to sink into a pool of adrenaline. Here are 5 best thriller novels that you can binge read:-
1. Macbeth - Jo Nesbo
This novel follows the journey of a police force to bring down a drug empire that is related with the nexus of politics and corruption. You saw NARCOS, you liked it! Time to read something even more intriguing than that, how 'bout that?
2). A Rising Man - Abir Mukherjee
The novel traces the story of an erstwhile detective of Scotland who travels to Calcutta to get over from his devastating experiences in the Great War. But he gets what he wasn’t expecting and the roller coaster ride begins thereafter.
3). Need To Know - Karen Cleveland
What would you choose between promises and morals? Vivian Miller promised herself to serve and fight for the country, no matter what comes in her way but destiny throws her a tough choice to make and she has to make the right move, her dilemma will keep you hooked.
4). The Fox - Fredrick Forsyth
Now, this one is my favourite. The Prime Minister reaches out to the former chief of the British Intelligence service. Havoc has been created, top intelligence units like CIA and NSA have been hacked, who is behind the conspiracy, what is FOX’s agenda? Read to find out.
5). Past Tense - Lee Child
What if you get to know that your past was never real, it was all imaginary, when Reacher finds that his father and family never existed at the place he always imagined them to be at; his world goes upside down and now he is on a quest to find the truth.
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- Shivam
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